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👋 Hi, I'm Jiayu Yin.

An observer, a futuristic designer, and a UX researcher

A UX Designer & Researcher, working and learning at UC Irvine, Department of Informatics. I love to work on Human-centered Design and Informatics, from solving complex user service problems to creating human future life.

Previously studied and worked at Tsinghua University,  Microsoft Research, Sogou(now Tencent). Currently studying at UC Irvine as an MS student.


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My Personal Stylist

Create an immersive and combined experience to solve problems among young people groups on clothing collocation and clothing management  🥼👚👕👖

#Immersive Experience Design #Service Design

#Product Design 

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#Creative Concept Design  #HCI  Dialogue System

# Conversational Agent #UX Research

Imagine all of your things act as your FRIENDS, chatting with you, taking care of you, even making fun of you... 🙈

Social Web of IoT Family 😊

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Design a system to help the treatment and evaluation of children with autism.

Starry Rain:  Brings Equality to Autistic Children 💫 ☔️ 

#UI/UX Design Intern  #AI for Good 


Microsoft Research Asia

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How Social Technologies Help Youth Self-Manage Mental Wellbeing

A qualitative research to explore how online social platforms help young adults self-manage their mental wellbeing and the pros and cons of those platforms

#Research Paper  #Mental Wellbeing #Qualitative Research

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Advice-Seeking Behaviors on Social Media for Coping with Stressful Life Events

Coming Soon...

#Research Paper  #Stress-coping #Qualitative Research

#Information sharing #Help Seeking # Social support

#Problem Solving

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